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Jennifer DaSilva, DaSilvia Lining Promo

Introducing DaSilva Lining Promo - the personalized approach to ordering custom promotional products for your business, owned and operated by local resident, Jen DaSilva! With over 20 years of experience in the corporate world of marketing and procurement, Jen is now creating her own brand and is dedicated to helping fellow local businesses do the same. With DaSilva Lining Promo, you can take advantage of Jen's wealth of expertise and knowledge as she personally guides you through the selection process and helps you choose the perfect items to showcase your brand.

Unlike online ordering, you'll have the opportunity to discuss your needs, ask questions, and receive personalized recommendations. From custom t-shirts to branded mugs and more, I'll work with you every step of the way to ensure your promotional products are a true reflection of your business. Let's work together to make your next promotional campaign a success!

Feel free to email her at or

Check out her website at

Jennifer Baird, CoreForm360

CoreForm360 is a personal training studio focused on improving athletic performance and minimizing injury through core, strength, and stability training. If you are a student athlete looking for an athletic edge, or an adult seeking functional fitness results, you’ve come to the right place! 

Ex-gymnast, mom, and ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, Jennifer Baird, provides more than just personal training. Through combining the latest fitness science with coaching on daily habits (nutrition, hydration, sleep, mental balance), her programs optimize training efficiency so the body can achieve maximized results.

Programs include athletic training, personal training, online programs, technique sessions, and nutritional consultations. In addition, clients will learn proper exercise mechanics; strategies to minimize injury; and strategies to improve daily habits.

Safety and achieving fitness & performance results are the priorities at CoreForm360. Our private Basking Ridge studio is set up with this in mind, including state-of-the-art training equipment and sanitizing protocols. 



phone: 908-419-2410


Jake Slowinski, Owner + Publisher City Lifestyle Somerset Hills

City Lifestyle Somerset Hills is a monthly publication that is distributed to single-family homes in Basking Ridge, Bernardsville, Far Hills, and Bedminster. It serves as an excellent branding platform for local businesses to connect with our community. The publication features articles on local businesses, non-profits, organizations, local leaders, and area happenings, celebrating the Basking Ridge area and all its offerings.

Jake Slowinski, along with his wife Tiffany, has been publishing community publications in the Somerset Hills and Bridgewater area for over four years.

For more information and digital copies of the publication visit City Lifestyle.


phone: 908-963-4483

Rana Gaaffar, Owner, RG Interiors, LLC

We are thrilled to feature Rana Gaaffar for this week's member spotlight. Rana is the owner and lead designer of "RG Interiors", a full-service interior design company. Rana has an impressive background, with a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering and an Interior Design diploma. She previously worked as a marketing executive in Dubai, where she was responsible for 13 countries. Rana has been living in Basking Ridge, NJ, for the past five years with her husband and two teenagers.

Rana's experience of moving between continents, countries, and cities has taught her about different cultures and aesthetic styles. She has learned the most important lesson of creating a home away from home, which inspired her to start her interior design business. Rana's mission is to help her clients create beautiful homes with functional spaces that reflect their personality, style, and identity.

Rana started her business "RG Interiors" less than a year ago, in November 2022. She offers full interior design services, managing the entire project from initial stages to execution. Rana's draws on her experience from living in multiple countries, which has taught her to organize her life, deal with unforeseen circumstances, be independent and self-sufficient, and pursue her ambitions.

When Rana is not busy designing beautiful spaces for her clients, she enjoys going on family trips to explore new places, restaurants, and experiences. She also enjoys working out, traveling, reading, and baking.

You can reach Rana via email here or visit the website here:

Paul Dodenhoff, Fortune Wealth Financial Group

Meet Paul Dodenhoff, a BRBA board member residing in Branchburg, NJ, who has worked in the Basking Ridge area for over 30 years.

Born in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Paul hails from a close-knit family of one brother and five sisters. He shares a blissful marriage with Tiina, and together they have a son named Peter and a daughter named Erika.

As a Financial Services Representative at Fortune Wealth Financial Group in Warren, NJ, Paul leverages 12 years of industry expertise to provide his clients with comprehensive financial solutions. His services encompass estate strategies, insurance needs, and retirement and college planning, backed by a diverse range of products and services.

Paul's unwavering commitment extends beyond transactional interactions. He aspires to become a lifelong resource for his clients, ensuring personalized attention, deep insights, and remarkable capabilities.

Outside his professional realm, Paul finds joy in rejuvenating activities. Long walks amidst nature rejuvenate his spirit, while sailing offers a thrilling escape. Crossword puzzles stimulate his mind, and his culinary flair shines through his passion for cooking.

With his profound financial acumen and a genuine desire to build enduring client relationships, For inquiries regarding life insurance intricacies or seeking sound financial guidance, connect with Paul.

You can reach Paul via email here or visit the website here:

Hima Anne and Meeta Garg, The Meraki

Hima Anne and Meeta Garg both have been residents of Basking Ridge for more than 8 years.

The Meraki - An endeavour to encourage art. At The Meraki we conduct art based events like, corporate team building events, art and sip sessions, workshops for adults and kids, exhibitions, art camps and a lot more.

The inspiration to start an art-based business came from the inner love for arts and the therapeutic sensory release it brings to oneself. Our belief that art exists everywhere and an artist in everyone, led us to develop our business model which inspires our customers to try art with ease and create their own, moving away from instruction based art development. Years of corporate leadership and first hand experience of the power of team building made us integrate arts and team building exercises into one. Last but not least, our desire to showcase art, support emerging artists, or create a space for creative expression cheers us everyday to tap into avenues to spotlight art in our community through exhibits and promoting art.

You can reach Hima or Meeta via email here or visit the website here:

Evelyn Cucchiara, The Toy Tamer

Evelyn has been a resident of Basking Ridge for almost 4 years. She is Jersey born & bred, and jokes that she's never pumped gas - lol! She has 3 boys, all taller then her now, and this month marks 40 years of marriage for her and her husband Joe! 

Evelyn has been in business for 7 years and is known far & wide as The Toy Tamer - she goes into people’s homes and adds the right structure and system so the kids actually want to clean up their toys. She believes we’re raising kids today who can’t do anything because we do everything for them - and then we’re surprised when they grow up and can’t do anything! Setting up their playroom as a learning lab that they’re in charge of gives them a place to practice those vital executive functioning skills now, so they can run their own lives in the future. 

She's learned that mom’s everywhere share the same guilt about the state of the playroom - but it’s not their fault! Trying to organize it without the right equipment is like trying to organize a kitchen without any cabinets - it may work for a minute, but it’s not sustainable. And that’s there no such thing as dad guilt - at least not over the playroom!

Evelyn has tons of hobbies including motorcycling, hiking, visiting breweries, discovering cool places in Jersey, hanging out with friends - and her newest adventure - renovating an 18th century farmhouse in Maryland!

You can reach Evelyn via email here or visit the website here:

Marcie Hanhart, Action NJ Bus Coaches LLC

Marcie has been a resident of Basking Ridge for over 25 years. She was born and raised in Baltimore. Marcie was very close to her father, a hard-working first Generation Swiss who inspired her to always work hard and do her best! 

Marcie has been a business development and profit coach for 22 years. She owned three businesses prior to her current company. This is where Marcie gets her background for running and building businesses for legevity and PROFIT.

She's learned that 1) we can never predict what opportunity is just around the corner. Be open, be curious and amazing things can happen; and 2) Never think you can do it alone.

Marcie has lots of hobbies including traveling to various countries, sailing on the ocean, and reading about foreign intrigue and biographies.

You can reach Marcie via email here: or visit the website here:

Michael LaCosta, MassMutual NJ-NYC

Michael lives in Stirlingn, NJ with his wife and three beautiful daughters (the newest is just 7 weeks old!). He has lived and/or worked in the Basking Ridge area for 37 years! He is also a proud member of the Liberty Corner Fire Company.

Michael runs a financial planning practice at MassMutual NJ-NYC, which he strated 3-1/2 years ago. He guides individuals and families through various stages of life with tailored financial solutions. His areas of expertise encompass retirement planning, estate planning, cash flow management, and tax management.

He believes that talent is nothing without discipline. You can have all the technical knowledge and skill you need but the ability to stay consistent and work through tough stretches as an entrepreneur is the biggest key to success.

Michael says his wife always makes fun of him because he has too many hobbies, or obsessions as she affectionately refers to them. On any given day you can find him on the golf course or cheering on the New York Rangers, New York Mets, and San Francisco 49ers. During the summer you can find him at a country concert, and he will never miss a Kenny Chesney show! As a family they love to travel, the beach is their happy place.

You can reach Michael via email here: mlacosta@financialguide.comor visit the website here:


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